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Wood Garage KitWhen you want to build a new wood garage and don't have the money to pay someone to come and build it for you, what do you do? Your build it yourself, which means you're probably thinking about how frustrating it's going to be. You have to buy materials, attempt to draft your own blueprints, and then successfully build the structure. This is why we are here to help. carries wood garage kits made of nothing but the highest quality materials with step by step directions to help you build the strongest and most secure wood garage possible.

If you want to build a high quality wood garage for a price you can afford, then look no further than Our lumber is of the highest quality, trusses are code-compliant, and our siding and metal roofing is top of the line. Plus, your wood garage building kit will be shipped to you free of charge and will be unloaded for you, as well. Your kit will contain everything you need to build your new wood structure, including all the lumbar, roof, walls, fasteners, and trim. Easy to follow blueprints will be provided, so that building is simple and headache free.

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Worried that our kit won't satisfy your building plans? We offer customizable kits, so that you can be 100-percent satisfied with your garage. Don't like the pitch of the roof? Go ahead and tell us what you want your pitch to be. Want to add a porch? No problem. We will tweak the building plans and send you the extra materials. Do you want your garage to have more insulation? Not a problem, because it's all on its way. Whatever materials you need to build the perfect wood garage, we will send your way in your wood garage kit.

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