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Pole Barn TrussTrusses are part of every pole barn kit. Their formation, which can be likened to rafters, creates the shape of the roof, holds up the roofing materials, and keep the entire structure stable. Steel and wood can both be used for pole barn trusses, but kits from DIY Pole Barns use the latter. These trusses can be from 12' wide to 40' wide, depending upon the size of the structure, and are spaced every four feet.

Pole barn trusses are commonly used for low-cost housing, agricultural structures, and commercial or industrial buildings. In fact, both pitched and flat roofs utilize trusses for strength.

Pole barn trusses are considered an economical use of wood. At a glance, the amount of wood used is small – beams are often the same size as two-by-fours. Their formation, on the other hand, makes the wood far stronger than its size.

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Pole barn trusses are included in every DIY Pole Barns kit for creating a shelter. The trusses are added after the poles and walls have been installed, and purlins tie each part together. All pole barn trusses are made from code-compliant wood and form the foundation of the roof. Once all trusses and purlins are in place, the galvalume metal roofing can be added.

No matter the style of your pole barn – fully open, enclosed, or partially open –trusses will be part of the shelter's design. All you need to do is have a tool kit on hand and follow the directions of the blueprint to put the shelter with trusses together.

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