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Pole Barn HomeOnce set up, a pole barn has several uses. The frame is often used as a shed or garage and is commonly found on farms for housing horses and equipment. But did you know that pole barns can be used as homes?

Pole barn homes, also called post-frame houses, use a do-it-yourself kit as a template. Do-it-yourself kits actually reduce costs on projects for pole barn homes. Common in rural and farming areas, pole barn homes do not require a continuous foundation. The blueprints for the will assist with getting the frame in place, but all interior modifications should be planned out with assistance from a professional builder or architect.

A DIY pole barn kit meets the rigorous residential structural codes, but several additional features will need to be added after the structure is assembled to meet all the interior codes. The basic frame will need insulation, wiring, plumbing, rooms, and doors. The building frame isn't standard stud framed, however, and any electricians and plumbers will need to be made aware of this before any system is installed.

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Insulation is a necessary feature for all pole barn homes. There are many methods for insulating such as fiberglass, cellulose, and spray foam. Consult your DIY Pole Barn sales representative for further details.

The cost of pole barn homes varies with the square feet and modifications needed, although starting with a kit trims off some of the total cost. Before all pole barn homes are constructed, however, a permit for building a home will need to be obtained. In the long-term, the structure will prove to be modified easily with the free-span truss design. If you plan to expand or add additional rooms to any pole barn home, existing walls can be knocked down or added upon.

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