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Missouri RiverGive your property a garage or work shed by installing a pole barn. Creating a building from the ground up, however, isn't difficult. A kit from DIY Pole Barns has all the supplies you'll need, including blueprints, to give your Missouri home a pole building. Once set up, the wood and metal structure has many possibilities for storage – garages, utility buildings, horse barns, and sheds, to name a few.

As America's leading internet pole building company, DIY Pole Barns has thorough kits that take a day or less to put together. Each contains premium-grade lumber, the finest code-compliant wood trusses, and durable painted metal roofing and siding. All kits come with blueprints. As you can see, not all pole buildings are used in the same way. Some add them as garages or work sheds, while others, through a few modifications to the structure, use them as horse barns or homes. Because each person has different needs, we offer custom features. Browse our website to see what we can add to a pole barn kit.

High-quality defines our products, and the same can be said of our approach to customers. When you contact DIY Pole Barns for a kit, you're met with friendly and knowledgeable service. Low prices, free delivery, free unloading, and free personal service accompany all of our kits.

When added to a Missouri home, pole barns expand the storage possibilities. On a basic level, these wood and metal buildings are perfect garages. Not only can a car fit inside, but there's also enough room for other vehicles. If you own a boat, RV, or another seasonal vehicle, store it inside the pole barn during the offseason.

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Many want a quiet work area away from the house, and pole barns can also create this. Once the kit is set up, move your equipment and tools into the new building. Most pole barns, in fact, have enough space inside for a work area and storage.

If you've been to or passed by a farm in Missouri, you might have seen a pole barn or two. These buildings are ideal for equipment and crop storage in colder weather, but if your livestock needs shelter, a few modifications can transform a pole barn into a horse shed. With added insulation and stables, a pole barn can become a new home for your horses.

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