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Horse Shelters

Getting shelter for your animals doesn't need to be a costly ordeal. Rather finding the right type of shelter will give your horses a place to sleep or a place for shade. Pole barns are considered the most affordable option for horse shelters. With a sturdy frame, pole barns have no protruding edges inside and are easily customized with horse stalls and dutch doors.

A pole barn can be installed quickly to give you a standard horse shelter. The barn can be customized with additional doors and windows, and stalls can be added inside. Pole barn kits are easily set up and only require a set of tools, but decide the amount of space you'll need before purchasing one. Some are ideal as larger horse shelters, as the space inside can accommodate eight or more stalls and a storage area for hay. Smaller pole barns, on the other hand, are often used as single-stall horse shelters.

While you can find or draw up floor plans for the inside of the horse shelter, the structure still needs to be insulated for all animals inside. Reflective insulation offers appropriate temperature control for farm animals. Horses and other livestock do not have cooling mechanisms and are overheated easily. When the temperature goes above 60°F, the roof and walls do not absorb solar radiation efficiently, and the animals inside become hot. This results in decreased productivity and even death.

Reflective insulation is added to the roof of a horse shelter to reduce condensation. As a layers of foil and center core, this insulation reflects heat away from the building to control indoor temperatures and condensation, which causes rot, mold, and mildew to build up inside.

Sometimes, a farm is in need of run-in shelters for horses and other livestock. Pole barns are also ideal for this use. With an open design, the pole barn can be kept in one place to give horses or other livestock in a pasture shade during the day.

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