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Horse Barns Plans | DIY Pole Barns & Supplies


Horse BarnWant a horse barn but aren't sure how to plan it? Plans for horse barns can start with pole buildings. All-purpose shelters, pole barns are constructed out of kits, and all you need are basic tools. In a week or less, you will have the outside of your horse barn constructed.

But what about the inside? Plans for horse barns must also take this into account. Your animals need to be properly contained and fed, and the space should provide light and ventilation, preferably naturally. Pole buildings are the first step to many plans for horse barns, and more steps are needed to create a sturdy and protective shelter for your animals.

As America's largest internet pole building company, DIY Pole Barns puts together thorough kits will all supplies. Premium-grade lumber, high-quality metal siding and roofing, and the finest wood trusses go into each of our kits. Blueprints and installation supplies round out what you need. Since you plan to use your pole building as a horse barn, go to our Custom Quotes page to see which additional features we can add. If you have been thinking about adding a cupola or equine doors, go to our Custom Quotes page and choose the features you need.

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Pole buildings are only the starting point for plans for horse barns. As you put together the shelter, think about what your animals will need. Not only do they need shelter, but watering, feed storage, a tack room, lighting, stalls, drainage, flooring materials, and insulation also need to be taken into consideration. You may need to purchase supplies and draw up building plans on your own for the stalls and tack room.

Zoning regulations need to be part of your plans as well. Horse barns may need to meet a different set of standards than pole buildings do, and even though zoning laws differ with each city and town, nearly all address similar points: Where a horse barn can be built, how large it can be, how the horses are stored, and where and how the manure is disposed.

To get a high-quality horse barn, start with a pole building kit. Then, modify your structure to meet zoning regulations and the needs of your animals.

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