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Buffalo River, ArkansasExpand the storage possibilities on your Arkansas property by adding a pole barn. Made out of wood and metal, pole barns are versatile structures: Turn one into a garage to protect your vehicles, use one as a storage area, or, on farms, shelter your equipment and horses. As America's leading internet pole barn company, DIY Pole Barns offers custom building kits with all supplies needed to complete the project – all you need are basic tools. When you order a pole building kit for your Arkansas property from DIY Pole Barns, you can have a sturdy storage structure set up in just a few days.

All pole building kits from DIY Pole Barns contain premium-grade lumber, the finest code-compliant wood trusses, and high-quality painted metal roofing and siding. Blue prints are included with each kit, and you won't need to make an extra trip to a lumber yard for supplies. Because pole buildings can become any structure from a garage to a horse barn to a home, we offer custom features. To see what can be added to a pole barn kit, browse our website to learn more.

DIY Pole Barns provides more than just quality building kits. When you order from us, we offer low prices, free delivery, free unloading, and free customer support. Friendly and knowledgeable service is what you'll find when you contact our company.

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If your Arkansas home needs a garage or storage shed, a pole barn kit gives you the perfect structure in a reasonable amount of time. Once set up, a pole building can shelter one or more vehicles, including cars, boats, and RVs, from the elements. If you are looking to create a personal work area away from the house, a pole barn provides enough space for all supplies and equipment. In fact, the space inside some pole barns is so vast that both cars and supplies can be kept inside.

Pole barns are also useful structures on farms for storing equipment and hay, but one of these buildings can also become a horse barn, a run-in shed, or riding arena. Create a sturdy shelter for your animals by installing a pole barn and adding stables inside, or for temporary shade, turn the structure into a run-in shed by giving it an open design.

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